Allocation Of WC Police Resources Skewed – Cele

cele - Allocation Of WC Police Resources Skewed – Cele

Police Minister Bheki Cele says the SA Police Service (SAPS) will wait on the Equality Court after deciding to withdraw an application to appeal a ruling on police resource allocation in the Western Cape.

In December, the court found the system unfairly discriminates against black and poor people.

The litigation was brought by the Social Justice Coalition, Equal Education and the Nyanga Community Policing Forum.

The SAPS will not appeal the Equality Court ruling following discussions between management.

Cele says the service agrees with the judgment, saying the allocation of resources in the Western Cape is skewed in “African” areas.

However, Cele says the problem is prevalent across the country.

Equal Education general-secretary Noncedo Madubedube says she hopes the ruling will see more police resources being brought into communities that need it most, especially around schools: “In light of the demand from young people in the country around them feeling unsafe in schools and communities, we were able to directly influence the SAPS in saying we’re meant to have this number of people operating in this district because of the nature of the community or society.”

A hearing to determine remedial action has yet to be convened.

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