Alcohol and cigarettes are back as SA moves to level 2 lockdown

Cape Town – South Africa will move to level 2 lockdown from Monday, President Cyril Ramaphosa has announced.

Ramaphosa made the announcement during an address to the nation on Saturday night. Earlier in the day Cabinet met to finalise the new regulations.

The president has also announced that the controversial ban on the sale of tobacco products will fall away and alcohol sales will once more be permitted.

While upbeat about the country’s progress in fighting the spread of Covid-19, Ramaphosa cautioned South Africans not to let their guard down and to continue taking all the prescribed preautions.

“As we continue to ease restrictions, the risk of infection does not diminish. In fact, the risk of infection becomes greater as more people return to work, as they move about more and as there are more opportunities to interact,” the president said.

“We therefore cannot become complacent or abandon the health precautions that we know we need to take.”

Here’s what will change under level 2:

* All restrictions on inter-provincial travel will be lifted.

* Accommodation, hospitality venues and tours will be permitted according to approved protocols to ensure social distancing.

* Restaurants, bars and taverns will be permitted to operate according to approved protocols as to times of operation and numbers of people.

* Restrictions on the sale of tobacco will be lifted.

* The suspension of the sale of alcohol will be lifted subject to certain restrictions.

* Alcohol will be permitted for on-site consumption in licensed establishments only up until 10pm.

* Liquor outlets will be allowed to sell alcohol for off-site consumption from Monday to Thursday during the hours of 9am to 5pm only.

* Restrictions on family and social visits will also be lifted, although everyone is urged to exercise extreme caution and undertake such visits only if necessary.


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