Agrizzi Publicly Admits He Is Racist

Agrizzi 1 - Agrizzi Publicly Admits He Is Racist

Former Bosasa chief operating officer Angelo Agrizzi has publicly admitted he’s a racist.

He made the admission on day nine of his marathon testimony before the state capture commission.

An audio recording that was leaked to the press last year was played at the inquiry on Tuesday.

In it, Agrizzi repeatedly uses a racial slur during a gathering at his house with Bosasa boss Gavin Watson’s family members.

Agrizzi has testified that they came to his house last year to buy his silence after he threatened to expose the shenanigans at the company.

Agrizzi says Watson’s brothers made him an offer of R50 million over five years to buy his silence.

But he says he never intended to sign the document and stalled on purpose.

“We wanted to get the signature of Gavin Watson on that paper. So, we played them. We sent a copy to my attorney as well.”

He says he knew the Watsons were recording their meeting which he says lasted several hours, and it was in that meeting that he repeatedly used a racial slur.

“I’m not finding excuses. I’m embarrassed. I’m ashamed of myself for ever doing that. I am a racist. I agree. Judge me on that, it’s fine.”

Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo says although he finds Agrizzi’s remarks to be totally offensive and extremely unacceptable, it won’t preclude him from considering the truthfulness of his evidence.


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