Agrizzi Names Journalists Bribed By Bosasa

Agrizzi 1 - Agrizzi Names Journalists Bribed By Bosasa

Former Bosasa COO Angelo Agrizzi is continuing to drop bombshells at the Zondo Commission in his eighth day of testimony.

He’s named three journalists whom he claims received bribes from Bosasa from around 2012 to write positive stories about the company.

On Monday, evidence leader Paul Pretorius asked him who they were.

Agrizzi named them as a certain “Nthuli”, former Sunday Timesjournalist Pinky Khoabane, and someone only referred to as “Bongs.”

He alleges that Bosasa executive Papa Leshabane was given R71,000 a month to hand out bribes, R30,000 of which was paid to journalists.

“At the time Bosasa had been going through a very rough patch in terms of negative reporting from certain journalists and what happened was he had approached us and said he can arrange some friends who are related to people and friends that he knows that have got the ability to swing the journalistic viewpoints.”

Meanwhile, Agrizzi has also responded to weekend media reports that he plans to sell his Johannesburg mansion and flee the country.

He says he was never contacted by the journalist to verify the reasons for wanting to sell.

Agrizzi says that the decision to put his house on the market was to downscale because the property is too big for only him and his wife.

He says he has bought a smaller townhouse but can’t move to it just yet, while he’s under witness protection.

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