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Nigeria’s Sex Trafficking Trail is Alarming

1 15 - Africa Top10 News

Nigeria’s anti-trafficking agency says it has received concrete intelligence that around 20,000 Nigerian girls have been forced into prostitution in Mali. Many of the girls are working in hotels and nightclubs after being sold to prostitution rings by human traffickers, according to a fact-finding mission carried out by the agency in collaboration with Malian authorities in December.


Are Tech Disruptors Adding to or Solving Nairobi’s Traffic Congestion?

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In the last two weeks, Little, the ride-hailing app backed by Kenya’s largest mobile operator, Safaricom, and Swvl, the Cairo-headquartered bus transportation service, have begun piloting bus shuttles in Nairobi. Their busses have been plying routes in the city and testing which neighborhoods have more demand and how passengers react to a pre-booked service. For years now, transport officials have tried to rein in the sector in a bid to decongest major urban areas and introduce rapid bus transits that would improve capacity and reliability. But those efforts have so far proved vain, forcing millions of commuters in cities like Nairobi and Mombasa to use the unruly and loud matatus to move around daily.

SOURCES: Quartz Africa

[OPINION] Fantasy That Mnangagwa Would Fix Zimbabwe Now Fully Exposed

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The last few days have wiped out any trust people might have had in the ability of the November 2017 coup that toppled former President Robert Mugabe to bring democratic and socio-economic rights to Zimbabwe’s long-suffering people. As of January 18, more than 12 people had died, no less than 78 had suffered gunshot injuries, and at least 240 had been beaten and tortured by the Zimbabwean state. More than 466 had been arbitrarily arrested and detained, while hundreds are displaced or in safe houses in and outside the country.

SOURCES: The Conversation

Building a Pan-African Insurance Company

4 15 - Africa Top10 News

Nadia Fettah, CEO of Morocco-based Saham Finances, has overseen the company’s expansion from a small local firm into a leading African insurance company operating in 23 countries across the continent. Between 2005 and 2015, it increased its sales nearly tenfold, to over $1 billion. In 2016, Saham took its African expansion strategy to the next level: it partnered with Sanlam, a long-established South African insurance company that had also made Africa its major growth focus.


Turning Trash into Treasure in Somalia

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As the rubbish built up on the rubble of Mogadishu’s wrecked streets, Ahmed Abdullah saw a business opportunity. The cash-strapped government is struggling to control a vast, divided country where Islamist militants from the al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab group still launch regular attacks on the capital. Regular rubbish collection is way down the state’s list of priorities. So, in June 2018, he and others founded their company, Green Plastic.

SOURCES: Reuters

Lessons from a Mine Collapse in Rwanda

6 14 - Africa Top10 News

Rwandans are mourning the deaths of 14 miners after a landslide at a tin mining site in the east of the country. The country’s mining board said recent heavy rains had saturated the red earth, triggering the tragedy, but also blamed mining companies for not following proper mining practices. The accident took place at a cassiterite mine, a mineral which, along with the metallic ore, coltan, is a vital component for the production of mobile phones, digital cameras and electronic products.


Ethiopians reach Out to Syrian Refugees

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While Syrians make up a tiny fraction of the refugee population in Ethiopia, estimated at more than 905,000 people by the United Nations, they have attracted attention and sympathy among locals. The combination of extensive international media coverage of the Syrian civil war, the long distance between the two countries and the presence of light-skinned destitute people on the streets of the capital – a rarity in Ethiopia – has many Ethiopians extend their generosity, ranging from financial assistance to job offers.

SOURCES: Al Jazeera

Wins, Draws and Losses for George Weah

8 13 - Africa Top10 News

Star footballer-turned-politician George Weah marks a year as Liberia’s president on Tuesday as many in the impoverished country debate whether he has begun to deliver on dramatic campaign promises.


Tributes for Zimbabwe Jazz Legend

9 14 - Africa Top10 News

Jazz musician Oliver Mtukudzi has passed away. The iconic 66-year-old musician, nicknamed Tuku, had been struggling with his health for over a month.

SOURCES: The Citizen

The South African Street Delicacy you have to Bite

10 12 - Africa Top10 News

It’s hard to drive past a bag of koeksisters — plaited golden doughnuts that are almost impossibly crisp on the outside, slightly chewy on the inside and slathered in way-too-sweet syrup. They’re especially hard to resist when made by husband-and-wife duo Arno and Hannelie Arpin, who’ve been peddling their wares in between traffic in the unflashy Cape Town suburb of Goodwood for 26 years.


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