#AccidentalFood: Beer may have been invented by accident

Have you ever made a mistake that turned out to be delicious in the kitchen? Well, you are not alone.

Studies show there are quite a lot of foods out there that were invented by accident and beer happens to be one of them.

It’s funny because these creations are food items we today can’t imagine life without.  Imagine not being able to have a cold one after a long day at work? Few can imagine that life. 

Beer has become one of the biggest generators of revenue in the beverage industry and with so many different beer brands, including craft beer, it’s popularity increases evey year. 

But have you ever thought about how beer came about? Who actually thought of it and why? 

That’s what we wanted to find out. 

According to the History Channel, beer was invented by Agrarian Communities (any communities whose economy is based on producing and maintaining crops and farmland) about 12,000 years ago, as these communities developed the infrastructure for cultivating cereal grains.

"As hunter-gatherer tribes settled into agrarian civilizations based around staple crops like wheat, rice, barley and maize, they may have also stumbled upon the fermentation process and started brewing beer," Evan Andrews wrote in his article on History.com.

They say that beer was especially well-loved by the Egyptians, where workers were partially paid in beers flavoured with olive oil, dates, and other seemingly exotic ingredients for it.

According to the Andrew’s report, the first barley beer was most likely born in the Middle East. "The earliest known alcoholic beverage is a 9,000-year-old Chinese concoction made from rice, honey and fruit."

The website also reports that beer as you know it started to emerge in the Middle Ages when monks and other started experimenting with the addition of hops.  

So the story of beer is as multilayered as most accidental foods. 

The process of brewing beer has changed, thanks to technology, and there are more beer brands in the market, each catering for their different taste profiles that the more discerning beer drinkers have grown to love.

It seems the Egyptians were on to something, when they had beers flavoured with exotic ingredients. Flavoured beers are now everywhere. 

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