8 food trends that keep popping up

We are changing the way we eat, judging from these food trends.


Think charcuterie – but using seafood instead of red meat, as seen above. Incorporates pickling, fermenting, smoking and ageing to create treats such as salmon ‘pastrami’ or swordfish ‘ham’.

Celery juice

Beloved of Gwyneth Paltrow and other wellness gurus, this drink, right, is said to cleanse the body and boost weight loss. Sales of organic celery are up by 30 percent.

Vegan-friendly ready meals

Sales have overtaken their vegetarian counterparts for the first time. Best-sellers include mushroom carbonara.


Shoppers rejecting meat are switching to grains, below, for their protein. Sales of mixed pouches of quinoa, chickpea, bulgur wheat and rice are up 36 percent.


A core element of hummus, tahini is made from hulled, toasted sesame seeds. Now a popular ingredient in its own right, with searches for tahini paste up more than 700 percent on last year.


A vegan diet that includes sustainable seafood. Ingredients such as kelp, algae and samphire all give dishes the sought-after flavour of umami – a savoury taste associated with broth and fermented food. Searches for the fragrant, sweet "aonori seaweed" are up by 127 percent.

Eco cleaning products

Sales of cleaning products made from non-toxic biodegradable ingredients free from harsh chemicals, are up 17 percent. Green laundry products are up 40 percent, too. Even toilet paper made from recycled material is up 39 percent.


Sales are up 27 percent thanks to celebrity chefs such as Yotam Ottolenghi and Marcus Wareing’s recipes for posh versions featuring luxury toppings such as lobster.

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