7 ways to earn money from home during social isolation

While the country tries to limit the spread of the coronavirus by encouraging social-isolation,  those who rely on working hourly shifts for their main source of income are placed in very difficult positions.

Whether you’re a waitress, bartender or are no longer able to continue with your side-hustle of tutoring kids or working promo jobs, your regular income may be seeing a serious dip as people steer clear of public spaces and big social events shut down. 

The uncertainty of no longer having a steady source of income is unsettling for those whose jobs are not conducive to working from home. Fortunately, there are other ways to earn an income from the safety of your home. 

7 ways to earn money from home during social-isolation

1. Online tutoring

With schools closed until the end of the Easter holidays, there’s a huge gap in the market for web tutors. Parents are more wary of sending their children to after school lessons and activities and are looking for ways to add structure to their children’s days as they attempt to study from home. 

You can either start your own business tutoring people you know via webcam by advertising your skills on social media or you can join an existing company. There are plenty of online tutoring jobs posted online asking for people with a variety of skills ranging from music to mathematics meaning your skills could be making you money while adding value to someones life.

2. Freelance writing

If you have a way with words or are an expert in a specific field, offer your services to a local newspaper or magazine. When freelancing, the work you do is contracted by a business and can be as good as having a full-time job, depending on the contract. 

One major bonus of freelancing is that you often get paid more per hour than employers will for the same or similar work.

3. Blogging

This is more of a long-term thing that requires a lot of passion and dedication, fortunately, with schools, businesses and universities closing for the time being, we all have a lot more hours on our hands. 

From fashion to food or whatever it is you can’t stop talking about, create a website for free online to document your ideas. If you draw enough of a crowd to your blog, you can earn an income through the ads featured on your page. 

4. Photography

Try your hand at photography, all you need is a professional camera or smartphone (either will do in most instances). There are a range of websites that buy photographs, including Society6. The process is easy and entails uploading your images and indicating your mark up price, customers can then browse through and order. 

The website then prints it or turns it into anything from a phone cover to a t-shirt. Of course, options are limited if you’re confined to your home, however stock images of basic at-home scenes – from the kitchen to the bathroom and garden – are always in demand. 

5. Sell your digital art or prints

If you’re skilled on Procreate, or just enjoy playing around on Photoshop and making your own designs, why not turn your hobby into something lucrative? The website 99 Designs is one of many graphic design marketplaces on the Internet. 

It connects clients who require specialised services with passionate designers ready to showcase their creativity. Make a profile and see where the fun takes you next.

6. Transcribing

A laptop and typing skills are all you need to be a transcriber and earn money from the comfort of your couch. With flexible hours, you get to decide on your workload, so it won’t eat into your other responsibilities. 

Most of websites pay per word or minute, so you can strategically line up transcription jobs with various deadlines to enable a steady workflow and income. A quick online search will reveal a host of websites, find one that suits you best and get to typing.

7. Online business

The perks of an online business is that you’re able to access your work from anywhere in the world. Take advantage of the online platforms available such as opening your own eBay shop where you can rid your house of unused furniture, appliances, clothes and books to an Etsy account where you can get more creative selling handmade items, the options and platforms to sell on are endless. 
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