6 incredible sandpaper hacks. And no, it’s just for sandpapering

The use of sandpaper has been pretty clear in the past: We use it to make surfaces smoother (in some cases it might be to make them rougher) or to remove old material, like old layers of paint.

Many people have no idea that you can actually use this handy rough paper for many more things.

Sandpapers are very handy to keep around so, The next time you’ve got scraps of sandpaper leftover, make sure to not throw them away.

1. Open a jar

Always keep a piece of sandpaper in your kitchen drawers and take it out when you want to open a jar. The gritty side of the paper is so rough it will give you that extra grip you need.

2. Make your shoes anti-slip

Some shoes may come with a good profile that will make sure that you never slip or fall. Other shoes have completely smooth soles, which can make it hard to walk on smooth surfaces without a person falling down.

Do you want to walk a little more secure in your brand new shoes? Then use a bit of sandpaper to sand the soles of your shoes in that way they will become less slippery.

3. Clean cast iron pans

If your cast iron pots and pans have become a little rusty, then you can clean them with some sandpaper. By doing this you can then use those nice pans again without the fear of getting rust in your food.

4. Get rid of sweater pills

Some sweaters may start to pill after you have put them in the washing machine a couple of times. You can easily fix this by just having a piece of sandpaper. The best way to do this is to lightly rub your sweater with your sandpaper in one direction and all those fuzzy pills will be removed. Your sweaters will look as good as new.

5. Sharpen scissors

If you’ve got a pair of scissors that’s gotten dull, then sandpaper is the solution. Scissors can get dull or have all kinds of residue stuck to it once they have been used for years of crafts and cutting. Cutting through a piece of sandpaper a few times will remove any residue and it will sharpen your scissors.

6. Restore suede

Do you have some stains or marks left on your suede shoes? You might think that you have ruined our shoes but that is not the case when you have sandpaper.

Just get a piece of sandpaper and use it very lightly to sand the stains away. You will need to be careful when you start and make sure to check progress as you go along, as you do not want to ruin your shoes. This will also work on other suede items.

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