5 things Connie Ferguson’s ‘summer ready’ body taught us

Ever heard of the saying "summer bodies are made in winter"?. There’s definitely truth in it. However, during winter, avoid cravings and going to the gym can be a bit of challenge. 

So here is a little motivation for you: media mogul Connie Ferguson is a couple of days away from turning 49 and she has abs that are breaking the internet. 

last week, Ferguson shared a video herself and her sisters dancing at the gym, alongside the caption: "The way I didn’t feel like going to the gym today after a long day at work! But we made a pact with my sisters that we will pull each other up when we feel like slacking!" 

Her comments thread has been buzzing ever since she shared the video, with many people — including celebrities  — being blown away by her body goals. 

Another saying that comes to mind is "to each their own," because body positivity and being healthy is not a "one size fits all" situation, but if you are keen on having rock hard abs at any point in your life, here’s what we can learn from Connie:

  1. Summer bodies are really made in winter.
  2. No matter your age age — or the that of your kids — it’s important to take care of yourself
  3. Having a busy schedule does not mean that your shouldn’t make time for yourself
  4. Having gym partners could help you stick to your exercise routine
  5.  We are all capable of reaching our body goals, whether it’s a healthier heart, or rock hard abs.

Watch Connie in action below.

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