5 reasons why some people bruise easily

Bruises occur when blood becomes trapped under the skin, this is normally is caused by an impact that damages a tiny blood vessel.

A blow, fall, or anything that puts sudden high pressure on the skin can cause a bruise.

Very strong blows can damage the bones, causing intense bleeding and bruises that take several weeks to heal. However, minor bruises often heal in just a few days.

How exactly does that work?

The are different reasons why some people bruise more easily than others. We have listed some of them here for you.

1. You are a woman

It is extremely unfair, but sadly, it is the harsh truth. Women bruise easily than men do. You are probably thinking, why? It is because men have thicker skin than women. Men have more collagen, which protects blood vessels against trauma.

2. You are getting older

Age plays a role in how sensitive you are to bruising. “As you grow older, your skin becomes thinner. This makes blood vessels in your skin more vulnerable. As you age, your blood vessels often lose elasticity, causing them to rupture easily and causing bruising.

3. You take certain supplements

Always consult your doctor before you start taking supplements. Sometimes, certain lifestyles could recommend supplements in order to prevent missing out on some essential vitamins and minerals. However, some supplements can cause you to bruise easily.

4. You take blood thinners

Some people take blood thinners in order to prevent blood clots. Blood thinners have another effect. they may cause you to be extremely sensitive to bruising.

It makes sense that blood thinners dilute your blood. however, there are other medicines that may have this effect without you even knowing it.

5. You don’t get enough vitamins

A lack of Vitamin C or D can also cause an unexplainable bruise. However, deficiency of vitamin C or vitamin D doesn’t just develop overnight. Do you feel like you are not getting enough vitamin C or D? Then you should consult your doctor.

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