5 foods to fuel your workout

Eating loads during your workouts may seem counterproductive when you are trying to lose weight or tone up.

But the fact is your body needs fuel to burn when you’re exercising. Even carbs, which you probably believe to be your food enemy, are important after a workout because they can help the body replenish its lost energy.

This will also help you to fix and recover your muscles after you’ve put them through their paces. This does not mean that you can just eat whatever you like.

You must replenish yourself without taking in too many calories. if you want to know what the best post-workout snacks are, we have a few suggestions for you.

Apple with peanut butter

Just a small apple with a tablespoon of peanut butter is just under 150 calories. It is a really good number to keep in mind when you’ve had an exercise because it’s enough to help you heal your muscles, but not so much that you can undo all the good work. Bring a few grapes into the mix for even more carbohydrates.

Trail mix

Through the years, this has been a staple for hikers but having the right kind is important. Try to avoid those that contain yogurt-covered raisins or chocolate bits. Stick to the more organic and wholesome kind and always make sure that you’ve got no more than two handfuls as this should be enough to boost your body.

Chocolate milk

Due to the amount of protein it has in it, chocolate milk is an ideal post-workout snack. It’s great if you’re on the go, squeezing in your exercise routine before work or when you are on your lunch break. Make your own by using skimmed milk to keep it lean.

Greek yogurt and fruit

Protein is important especially after you have worked up a sweat, and that is something that Greek yogurt can deliver. Add fresh fruits like blueberries, blackberries, or banana to get the carb balance right. Granola is another alternative.

Cheese and crackers

Dairy products provides protein and calcium, while the crackers deliver on carbs and fibre. However, do not go reaching for Brie or mature cheddar, you need to snack smartly.

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