5 female characters who are scene stealers

A great TV story means nothing if there aren’t actors who bring it to life. And once the character is embodied, regardless of the role, they become scene-stealers and keep viewers coming back for more.

Here’s our top 5 female scene-stealers of all time.

Boss B*tch

Elektra Abundance-Wintour from “Pose”

Season 1 was so well received that FX renewed the show for a second season.

Elektra is played by Dominique Jackson, a transgender woman.

Her character is real, authentic, straightforward and reads people for filth. She may come across as evil but she is fighting to survive in a world that doesn’t respect transgender women.

Family Protector

Lindiwe Dikana from “The River”

Award winning actress, Sindi Dlathu portrays the character of Lindiwe Dikana. Lindiwe is an enigmatic mining magnate who owns Khanyisa Diamond Mine.

She has had to sacrifice a great deal to have accomplished her level of success. And she will not let anyone hurt her family.

She won’t be taken for a ride either.

She buries secrets with the same single mindedness she buries bodies. Despite being all of this, she is a devoted wife to her husband.


Harriet Khoza from “The Queen”

The legendary Connie Ferguson plays the character Harriet Khoza.

Her character is one that is gutsy and dangerous. She is the matriarch of the Khoza family.

Doting wife as well as shrewd businesswoman. She is regal, smart, assertive, composed, calculative, but also compassionate.

She can be loving, just as she can be vicious.

From an early age Harriet had to learn to survive and fend for herself. Her chest is full of secrets she will do anything to keep buried.

Female Fashionista

Renata Klein from “Big Little Lies”

Renata Klein played by Laura Dern has some serious yet chic designer clothes. She has her life under control, and her wardrobe reflects that.

Renata is rich and wouldn’t have it any other way. She illuminates style, from her house that overlooks the ocean to her Roland Mouret’s ruby red Zodiac gown and Delen jacket. She is the ultimate power dresser.

Female Fixer

Olivia Pope in “Scandal”

After seven seasons of the ABC hit, it became clear that there was no one better suited – both literally and figuratively – to fix any crisis than Olivia Pope.

Played by Kerry Washington, she is the best fixer in D.C.

She doesn’t just fix problems, she fixes people. They come to her at their lowest moment, on the worst day of their lives.

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