10 beauty tips for winter skin

Say no to dry, flaky or itchy skin by making a few easy changes to your routine this winter.

Try a creamy facial cleanser

Cleansers strip away moisture as part of the job of removing makeup, and dry winter air tends to magnify the problem. Gel cleansers can be very drying, but creamy ones should help.


Use a liquid hydrator as often as you can throughout the day to pump moisture back into the skin.

Masque the problem

Use a masque at least twice a week to replenish moisture lost throughout the day.

Drink extra water

Don’t forget to drink extra water when it’s cold and windy even though you may not feel like it.

Pucker up

Chapped lips can be a big problem in winter. The air dries out lips, which makes you lick them, which makes them chap even worse! Use a lip balm with at least SPF 15.

Use a humidifier

Heat can dry out more than just your sinuses. With added moisture in the air, your skin won’t be as flaky.

Avoid very hot water

It can not only break the capillaries in the face, but also break down the lipid barriers in the skin, which will lead to a loss of moisture.

Hydrate skin while it’s damp

Applying moisturiser immediately after taking a shower or washing your face will help lock-in moisture.

Boost Your Skin

Boosters and serums contain a concentrated amount of active ingredients that will enhance the moisture and texture of your skin.

Don’t forget your Omega’s

If you aren’t already taking Omega’s, now is the time to start!! And if you are, up them from 1000mg to 2000mg

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