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Hopenhagen ad campaign

Ogilvy created and launched Hopenhagen, the global campaign designed to generate worldwide support for powering climate change ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. Video Rating: 3 / 5 Vote for TYT Once A Day: vote.streamys.org (3/22/10 - 4/11/10) Video Rating: [Continue]

Re: TYT Hour – March 30th, 2010

Video Cam Direct Upload Video Rating: 0 / 5 Meet the Flag King of South Africa, George Chauke, a man so proud of his country that he put 261 flags on his car. [Continue]

Sapori Italiani – Cape Town

For more info: www.sapori-italiani.co.za The Italian Government offers free training in cape Town for Italian Citizens resident in South Africa and operating in the hospitality industry. Committee: Allos, CAPAC, IAL, ItalCham. Sponsor: Ministero del Lavoro e delle Politiche Sociali (Governo Italiano) Il Governo Italiano offer un percorso di [Continue]

World Cup: operation security in South Africa

REPORTERS – Fighting against crime to ensure World Cup security Video Rating: 3 / 5 [Continue]

Public debate required on Jewish influence on South African politics

Public debate required on Jewish influence on South African politics en.wikipedia.org www.conspiratology.com Jewish Rule In South Africa Jews Founded the ANC And Guided It To Power Kike Jews conspired to destroy the white South African government and murder the Boer / Afrikaaner people. In the 19th century the British fought wars to subject the [Continue]

Mayibuye Performance Troupe: Hammarsdale – Waka Waka Dance

www.mayibuye.org.au. Mayibuye worked together with their dancers in Hammarsale, and the local community to capture the joy and inspiration the World Cup brought to South Africa. The 2010 World Cup in South Africa showed that where you come from or what your past may look like, does not determine where your future can take you, [Continue]

Africa 2011 – Katherine Tweedie

www.weforum.org 18.4.2011 Katherine Tweedie, Director and Head of Africa for the World Economic Forum, reveals the theme and highlights of this year’s World Economic Forum on Africa as well as who we can expect to be in attendance. Video Rating: 5 / 5 [Continue]

Jacqui Schmidt and Mavis Nontsekelelo on the News in English

Jacqui Schmidt and Mavis Nontsekelelo on the SABC 2 News about the relocation of their houses. The South African government had completed its review of the Mining Charter, Mineral Resources Minister Susan Shabangu said on Tuesday. [Continue]

International Jesuit Tyranny

International Jesuit Tyranny with Nelson Turner and Eric Jon Phelps. History_of_the_Jesuits Their Origin, Progress, Doctrines, and Design by GB Nicolini.pdf www.mediafire.com Popery Puseyism Jesuitism by Luigi Desanctis.pdf www.mediafire.com Behind the dictators a factual analysis of the relationship of nazi fascism and roman catholicism 1945 by [Continue]

SA Government Cracking Down on Mines

(www.abndigital.com) The South African government is cracking down on mines contravening prospecting and environmental laws. The Mining Ministry has issued over one thousand 100 mines with notices that could lead to their mining rights being cancelled. ABN’s Samantha Loring was at the launch of the new online mineral rights application [Continue]

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