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Economic crisis threatens S Africa’s battle against HIV/Aids – 21 April 09

Final campaigning is underway in South Africa before Wednesday’s national election, with polls suggesting that Jacob Zuma’s African National Congress (ANC) will win. One of the most serious issues the country’s next president will have to address is the high rate of HIV and Aids. The UN says South Africa has one of the highest [Continue]

Largest economic countries in the world(G-20)

These are emerging market countries or Major Economy in the world.They are G-20.The Industrialized Nation. G-20 Are : 1. Argentina 2. Australia 3. Brazil 4. Canada 5. China 6. India 7. Indonesia 8. Italy 9. Germany 10.Great Britain 11.EU(Europen Union) 12.France 13.Mexico 14.Saudi Arabia 15.South Africa 16.Japan 17.South Korea 18.Turkey 19.Russia [Continue]


South Africa: Education and the Economy Video Rating: 0 / 5 [Continue]

3RD COMESA Forum April 2010: Nigeria’s GDP to Exceed South-Africa’s in 1 year

3RD COMESA Forum April 2010: Nigeria’s GDP to Exceed South-Africa’s in 1 year. Mweheire Says Renaissance `On Track’ to Grow in Africa Video Rating: 5 / 5 [Continue]

Film Festival: Women of the Sun

Nonkululeko explains her positive outlook on South African filmmaking Video Rating: 5 / 5 2008.04.12 Mbeki says there’s “no crisis” as leaders from the region meet in Zambia to discuss how to break the impasse in the Zimbabwean elections. Gordon Brown has demanded the Zimbabwe election results be published immediately and says [Continue]

Improved economy lifts Zimbabwe spirits – 25 Dec 09

Last year, residents of Zimbabwe were suffering with the highest rate of inflation in the world, an a chronic shortage of even the most basic goods. But 12 months later, goods are back on the shelves of local grocers due in part to the government’s decision to replace the Zimbabwe dollar with the South African [Continue]

LESI 2010, Sandton, South Africa

LES South Africa is honoured and privileged to be hosting the LES International Conference in Sandton, South Africa in April 2010. This annual event attracts IP professionals from around the world and enables them to meet and explore and exchange cutting edge developments in regard to IP. LES is the pre-eminent IP commercialisation organisation in [Continue]

Hischam El-Agamy Interview

Carte Blanche’s Ruda Landman interviews IMC trustee Dr Hischam El-Agamy [Continue]

Tiger Brands CSI

Tiger Brands CSI

South Africa is a nation united in action. Tiger brands has put the full weight of its brands behind the fight against hunger. ( South Africa has fallen in a global economic freedom index due to a swathe of new regulations, including the National Credit Act, the Consumer Protection Act and rules for financial bodies. [Continue]

South Africa’s World Cup spending criticised

South Africa has spent more than billion on infrastructure to get ready for the World Cup, but critics say a lot of the money is pushing aside the poor. Despite ongoing debate over the strength or weakness of economic gains from the World Cup for ordinary South Africans, many football fans, both rich and poor, [Continue]

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